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Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
10am – 11am
6pm – 7pm

All levels

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
7.30 – 8.30am
11.30 – 1pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 
6.00pm – 7pm


Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
7pm – 8pm


no-gi (Grappling)

Tuesday, Thursday:
12.00 – 1pm
7pm – 8.00pm

Private lesson (by Appointment)


BJJ Kids

Monday: 5pm – 6pm

Wednesday: 5pm – 6pm

Friday: 5pm – 6pm


11am – 12.30


Maestro Luis is a true professional, always attentive and helpful with everyone, at Roger Gracie Rome a very high level Bjj is practiced.

Marco Giardini


Professionalism, competence and passion in an environment where the focus is on the growth of the whole group and not just some favorites. A great experience. 

Federico Magnaguagno


Very high level of jiu jitsu thanks to a very well trained instructor. Large room with all the comforts of a gym. Many times for courses both in the morning and in the afternoon / evening even without a kimono. 5 stars well deserved

Roberto Trovato


How do I sign up?

You can sign up online by entering your information on the contact page.

Call us at 393.0005160

Send us an e-mail to: info[at]

If you prefer you can come in person during our trainings at our Rome locations, you can see the training times on the calendar page of our website.

Which class should I try?

If you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you must first attend an introductory class (free of charge). The instructor will guide you through the history and customs of our sport, as well as show you some basic and self-defense techniques. If you already have experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you can attend a trial class with our students.

Can I rent a GI?

After the introductory class, you may be invited to attend a trial class. We will do our best to lend you a clean GI that fits well. Please note that you need to wear a T-shirt under the IM.

Should I wear flip-flops?

Yes, you must keep your feet covered between locker rooms and mats-this protects your feet and the hygiene of the academy (shoes are fine too).

What should I wear for my introductory class?

For your introductory class you should wear a comfortable dress and flip-flops.

What will I learn in my first class?

In your first class you will be taught some basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu movements, and then you will practice these movements with a partner. The instructors will keep an eye on you and make sure you are paired with someone experienced. We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere at the Academy and make sure everyone feels welcome.

Do I have to wash my GI after every class?

Sì, questo è molto importante. È probabile che tu e i tuoi compagni di allenamento sarete molto sudati dopo l’allenamento: a nessuno piace un GI puzzolente. Per proteggere il tessuto del tuo GI, non lavarlo a più di 40 gradi e tenerlo lontano dall’asciugatrice.

Where can I purchase a GI?

At the academy! We have our own store that includes GI, Rash guard, shorts, backpacks and T-shirts.



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Monday-Saturday: 7.30am – 21pm

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