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We are one of the best brazilian jiujitsu schools in Rome and beyond. You may be asking yourself: “Why?”

Simply because we are the first ROGER GRACIE ACADEMY in Rome, we are part of the REAL Legado and therefore have a direct link with the GRACIE family, especially with the great undefeated champion ROGER GRACIE.

Our School

In our school, in addition to self-defense, Brazilian jiujitsu, and jiujitsu for competitions of national and international interest, you will also learn the basic concepts on which this gentle art is founded.

You will learn the martial philosophy, its culture, and sense of sacrifice that will serve you well not only on the tatami but also in life outside the school.

We at the ROGER GRACIE ACADEMY ROME are a point of reference for all those who wish to approach the world of martial arts and embark on a path of learning, but also for athletes who want to perform at a high technical and competitive level.

We train with passion and dedicate ourselves to teaching with great seriousness, we constantly seek unity and mutual interaction so that in our team, as well as in the groups of students, you will find a sociable and dynamic environment in which you will feel totally at ease.

Meet your coach! Of Venezuelan origin, from the city of Maracaibo to be precise, Prof. Luis Senatore first established himself in the world of martial arts as an athlete and instructor of Capoeira and Muay Thai.

His passion for brazilian jiujitsu began about ten years ago and since then he has never stopped studying, training and updating with the world’s greatest champions, reconciling his path of growth with his profession as a teacher and personal trainer.

He is a professional teacher, very attentive and scrupulous, and does his utmost to obtain the best results for himself and his students. 

We would almost call him a perfectionist!

You will always find him smiling and helpful, it is really hard to see him sad or angry, we tried every which way but we never succeeded!


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Have you ever wondered how the world’s best athletes prepare for a tournament? Certainly, high-quality training on the tatami is important, but a well-structured strength and conditioning program can give you the advantages you need to push yourself ahead of the competition.

Having good conditioning for Brazilian jiu-jitsu is crucial for competitive and amateur BJJ fighters alike. If you are going to compete at the highest level, you cannot afford to run out of energy resources during the fight. For more creative fighters, having a good gas tank allows them to maintain higher intensities for longer before exhaustion. 

Great group to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with for any level, from beginner to advanced. Right next to the metro so easy to get there. Prof. Luis teaches clear, engaging classes – it’s an awesome way to learn BJJ, get in strong physical and mental shape, and spend time with a great group of people from all over the world (Italy, Venezuela, Germany, Brazil, the UK and Palombara Sabina ;-)). Fully recommended. Give it a try!

James Egerton


I started training in Roger Gracie Roma and I never stopped, the atmosphere is very familiar. Maestro Luis Senatore is very skilled and does a great job with all levels. Excellent school of Jiu Jitsu. I recommend it 100%.

Fernanda Signor da Silva


I just started brazilian jujitsu and I don’t regret it at all! An incredible sport. A lot of head and a lot of ingenuity. Anyone can do jujitsu. As for the master, only compliments, great Luis 👊

Fabio Fimiani




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Monday-Saturday: 7.30am – 9pm

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